Below are the readings for the course. If a link isn’t working, please let me know. (Note: the readings may not appear in the order in which they are assigned on the syllabus.)

Encyclopedia entry, “Urban Sociology.”

Richard Sennett, “Introduction” in Classic Essays on the Culture of Cities.

Robert Park, “The City,” in The City.

Georg Simmel, “Metropolis and Mental Life.”

The World Goes to Town: a special report on cities,” The Economist, May 5, 2007

Sassen, Saskia. 2006. “Why Cities Matter.” In Burdett, R. and Ichioka, S. (eds.) Cities: People, Society, Architecture, exhibition catalogue of the 10th International Architecture Exhibition–Venice Biennale. Venice: Rizzoli p. 26-51.

Walter Benjamin, “On Some Motifs in Baudelaire.”

Michel De Certeau, “Walking in the City” in The Practices of Everyday Life.

Marshall Berman, “Modernism in New York” in All That Is Solid Melts into Air.

E. B. White, “Here Is New York.”

Louis Wirth, “Urbanism as a Way of Life.”

Jane Jacobs, “The Uses of Sidewalks: Contact,” in The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

Jane Jacobs, “The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety,” in The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

James Balwin, “Fifth Avenue, Uptown: A Letter from Harlem.”

Elizabeth Grosz, “Bodies-Cities.”

J. K. Gibson-Graham, excerpts (read pages 76-91) from The End of Capitalism (As We Knew It).

AbduMaliq Simone, “People as Infrastructure.”

Anderson, E. 2004. “The Cosmopolitan Canopy.” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Vol. 595, pp. 14 – 31

De Boeck, F . & Plissart, M. 2005. Kinshasa: Tales of the Invisible City. Tervuen & Antwerp, Belgium: Luidon. Catalog for exhibition “Kinshasa, the imaginary city” Venice Architecture Biennale.
PART 1 & PART 2 .

Martha Rosler, “The Artistic Mode of Revolution: From Gentrification to Occupation,”

Wilson and Kelling, “Broken Windows.”

Loic Wacquant, “Ghetto.”

David Harvey, “The Right to the City.”

Logan and Molotch, chapters 1 and 4 in Urban Fortunes.

Debord, G. 1958. “Theory of the Dérive.Internationale Situationniste #2

Graham, S. 2004. “Postmortem city.” City, 8(2), 165-196.

Zizek, Slavoj. 2002. “Welcome to the Desert of the Real!The South Atlantic Quarterly. 101 (2): 385-389.

Martha Rosler, “Travel Stories.”

Ernest Burgess, “The Growth of the City,” in The City.

Saskia Sassen, “The Global City: Introducing a Concept.”

Michael Sorkin, “The Block” in Twenty Minutes in Manhattan.

Walter Benjamin, “Hashish in Marseilles.”

Manuel Castells, “Local and Global: Cities in the Network Society.

Martha Rosler, “The Culture Class: Art, Creativity, Urbanism,” part 1 and part 2.

Walter Benjamin, “Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century.”

Charles Baudelaire, “The Painter of Modern Life.”

Michel Foucault, “Of Other Spaces.”


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  1. Alexandre Roy says:

    Hello sir,
    First, thank you for this blog and specially this page, it has been a real good help for me to start my memoire on the Flâneur, at the UDEM.
    Second and last : could you please give the reference (APA maybe?) of this Encyclopedia entry, “Urban Sociology.”. That could be usefull for me and I post my demand here because it could be for others also.
    Thank you.

  2. Alexandre Roy says:

    Wonderful! Thank you very much and sorry to call you sir, madame.
    Have a good semester!

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